BreadEx: An Introduction

BreadEx: An Introduction

Eons of Eating

What does the word ‘bread’ conjure in your mind’s eye? A thin brown crust on a child’s plate, gooey with peanut butter and jelly? The crisp crackle of a freshly baked baguette? Or perhaps an image of your mother’s hands darting into a flame, flipping a puffy, blistered chapatti till it steams. 

Since the dawn of civilization, humanity has been connected by this ubiquitous, humble food: bread. And what a journey! From foraged-grain flatbreads cooked over hunter-gatherers’ fires, to ancient instances of sourdough and ale in the Fertile Crescent, to colonial confections left in the wake of trade, there are few staples as symbolic as bread in the tracing of human history. In the modern era, we’ve borne witness to the scientific leaps forward that have changed nutrition and eating habits as we know them; the Industrial Revolution collided with the discovery of germ theory to give us yeasty white loaves, churned out by the thousands in factories. In the 1900s came the wizardry of Otto Rohwedder’s bread slicer, and then a tumultuous era of ersatz foods, fortified flours, and chemically enhanced breads, as the world underwent the trials of war. 

Now, placed squarely in the climate-conscious 2020s, much of the global community is seeking to return to simpler foods made of real ingredients – food made locally, with indigenous grains and love. Food that connects them with their roots, and with others worldwide. 

What We Do

Enter BreadEx, Dallas Fort Worth’s gateway to breads from across the globe. Combining a seasoned foodie’s curiosity with the convenience of home delivery, BreadEx’s mission is to bring people together through bread. 

Powered by a group of diverse, spirited food enthusiasts, we aim to become DFW’s go-to source for whole food based, artisanal breads. And while we love a good whole wheat or multigrain loaf, we don’t stop at quality essentials. In recognition of the sheer variety of global baking, we’re thrilled to offer our subscribers breads from around the world. Each month, we introduce them to little-known regional classics as well as deep-diving into familiar favorites.

Each month-long exploration of a country or region’s breads is accompanied by cultural curation – music, history, and additional recipes for you to enjoy. Our hope is that the backdrop to each bread lets you experience the true essence of a place and time. Not as a tourist, not as an outsider, but as someone sitting down to a meal in the company of friends, breaking bread together. 

About BreadEx

Founded in 2020 in Plano, Texas, BreadEx is a subscription-based bread delivery service that offers customers the opportunity to explore the world one bread at a time through its artisanal, internationally inspired breads. BreadEx is a 100% minority, woman owned business and the small team of passionate bakers with diverse backgrounds is inspired to bring the breads of the world to DFW. Follow us on our journey @breadexbakery and by visiting

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